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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What and When You Should Eat When Working Out

Do you ever wonder what you should eat before going to exercise or when to eat before going? Many people make the same mistakes. It's a common mistake to eat right before going to exercise or they might not eat enough. So I am hear to help you to make better choices of what to eat and when you should eat.

When should you eat? A common question that our members have when coming to a lunch or evening class. If you want to eat before class you will want to eat at least an hour before. This way it gives your body time to digest. Also, you don't want to eat anything to heavy or greasy even if it is an hour before class. Once you start moving around you'll start to feel it and greasy heavy foods don't give you the energy that you need to make it through your workout. You can eat after your workout if you would prefer. It's actually really good to eat after your workout because you are still burning tons of calories an hour after you exercise.

What should you eat? Like I said before you shouldn't eat any real heavy or greasy. A big salad with grilled chicken with a light dressing is perfect to eat at least an hour before your workout. If you want a little snack before or after your workout, a banana is a great food to eat. It's not too filling. They're especially good for after exercising because they can prevent muscle cramps. You also want to make sure you drink plenty of water before and after your workout. You want to avoid dehydration and it helps you keep your energy up to make it through the kickboxing class.

Once you put all these things together you will feel amazing throughout the kickboxing workout and find yourself not feeling so tired. It will help you even outside of just your daily workout, you will feel better in your every day life.

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