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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fitness Kickboxing and Thanksgiving - a testament from a i Love Kickboxing Atlatna Member

This being the month of Thanksgiving leads me to believe I must address gratitude. One of the most driving forces in maintaining my fitness level and weight loss is a positive attitude, which is kept alive by being grateful. Kickboxing has given me much to be thankful for, other than the end of a class. ;) 

            I make it a habit to do mental gratitude lists on a regular basis, but I thought it would be fun to outline some of my favorite things Kickboxing Classes Atlanta has done for me. In no particular order, they are as follows:
Fitness Buckhead GA

1.      I’m grateful for my newfound energy I’ve acquired. I amaze myself day after day in how much I can get accomplished without feeling like falling down.
2.      I’m grateful for the strength I have now, both mentally and physically. Mind over matter has become a mantra for me and I love how my toned muscles can carry my forty pound son to bed with no issue whatsoever.
3.      I’m grateful that all of my weight loss means I’ll be getting smaller pants from Santa this year.
4.      I’m overly grateful that my improved health has resulted in a stronger immune system. Cold and flu season can kiss my gloves.
5.      I’m grateful that portion control is already on my mind for the upcoming holiday meals. Small portions mean I get to try a little bit of everything so I know what I’ll be aiming for when it’s time for leftovers.
6.      I’m grateful my random food cravings have all but diminished and on the rare occasions I do give in, I can simply work them out later on the bag.
7.      I’m grateful for the double takes I get and the knowledge that I could handle anyone who might try to do more than look.
8.      I’m grateful that I am more willing to accept and conquer challenges in my life. Whether it’s a new combination on the bag or a promotion and addition of responsibilities at work, I feel more ready to meet it head on.
9.      I’m grateful for my improved hand eye coordination. Kickboxing has helped me to stop tripping over my own feet, which is awesome considering I fall dramatically.
10.  I’m grateful I can be a positive influence on those around me just by showing my dedication in my workouts and healthy eating habits. I love discussing with and encouraging my friends and family to make better health choices, because they see the change and want to know what I’m doing to obtain such great results.

I could go on for days about all of the wonderful benefits I have seen through kickboxing, but then I might miss out on getting to show off my new physique in front of my extended family, and that would be a shame. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy eating everything you plan on burning off in class next week. I’ll see you there!

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Change Your Life With Cardio Kickboxing

 Do you want to be healthier, in better shape, and improve endurance? Well, what would you think about getting all three of these benefits in one exercise? Cardio exercise is the answer to the success of these benefits.

                Cardio exercise keeps you healthy in many ways. Cardio, short for cardiovascular means performing activities that elevate your heart rate thereby, strengthening the cardiovascular system. In other words it keeps your heart strong. One of the important aspects of working out is keeping your body healthy and your heart strong, the rest will come naturally such as losing weight and looking AWESOME! To get all of these results I suggest doing cardio workout 2 to 3 times a week 45 minutes to an 1 hour each time; the more times a week the better.

                Improving your mood and releasing your stress, who doesn’t want that?  This part of cardio kickboxing is my favorite part, while getting to burn calories and strengthen my heart I get to punch out stress on the bags! Sounds pretty good right; just like in any other workout this also improves your mood in all aspects of your life. You think about the everyday stresses in life and being able to forget about it all for 45 minutes to 1 hour thinking about nothing but how hard you’re working to get results that you want.

                High intensity cardio workout such as kickboxing is a great way to get in better shape. You think about doing that 2 to 3 times a week for 45 minutes; you’re going to be burning a lot of calories which helps melt the fat!! Also, the cardio workouts it will make you hungrier since you’re burning so many calories.  Just remember to make good decisions on what you decide to snack on such as fruit, veggies, and anything fresh! I suggest bananas after your workout because potassium plays a big role in muscle function and you sweat potassium out of your body while working out.

                Now, with all of these great benefits to cardio workouts you have no excuse not to do them! Look for your local facility and come have a rocking workout with us to have all of these awesome things in your life.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

By adopting a Healthy Lifestyle Buckhead Residents Can Reduce Your Cancer Risk Cancer - i Love Kickboxing Atlanta GA

This one little word represents one of the most feared diseases in the United States. And with good reason, the statistics are scary. According to the American Cancer Society, 1:2 men and 1:3 women living in the United States will develop some sort of cancer during their lifetime.

All cancers begin by the rapid multiplication of a single mutated cell. But research has yet to pinpoint exactly what causes certain types of cancer to develop. If one specific cause could be identified, prevention and treatment would be simple. It is believed, however, that most cancers are caused by the combination of two or more risk factors over a long period of time. These risk factors can be broken into 4 main categories:
l  Genetics and family history
l  Environmental exposures
l  Lifestyle choices
l  Obesity and diet

Most people believe that a family history of cancer means their own risk of developing cancer is practically inevitable. Research has shown that genetics accounts for only 5-10% of a person’s total cancer risk. This means the vast majority of cancers are NOT inherited.

Environmental exposures account for 25% of a person’s risk of developing cancer. Repeated exposure to hormones and pesticides in foods, household cleaners, secondhand smoke, and toxins in the air, soil, water, and workplace contribute to this risk.

30% of a person’s overall risk of developing cancer has been linked to his or her lifestyle choices. While smoking is the number one cause of cancer, alcohol consumption and physical inactivity have also been shown to increase cancer risk. Moreover, not smoking, consuming little to no alcoholic beverages, and consistent physical activity can decrease the risk of developing cancer.

35% of a person’s total risk factor is linked to diet and obesity. Increasing evidence suggests that carrying excess body weight not only raises the risk of developing cancer, but also raises the risk of cancer recurrence and lowers the chances of survival for many types of cancer.

With an overwhelming 65% of a person’s total risk of developing cancer attributable to diet, obesity, and unhealthy lifestyle choices, a cancer diagnosis can no longer be seen as a horrible twist of fate. Rather, this should be translated to mean that each person has control of 65% of his or her overall cancer risk. By eating a healthy diet, maintaining a proper weight, staying physically active, and not smoking, it is possible to considerably reduce the odds of developing cancer.
In response to increasing evidence that a healthy lifestyle can decrease overall cancer risk, organizations such as the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer have published guidelines for what is now believed to be a cancer-preventative lifestyle. They include:
l  Eating 5 or more servings of colorful fruits and vegetables every day.
l  Select whole grain breads and cereals over those made from refined grains.
l  Limit the consumption of red and processed meats. When possible, replace them with lean meats.
l  Replace regular milk and dairy products with low-fat versions.
l  Limit daily intake of salt, saturated fats, trans-fatty acids, and sugar.
l  Avoid sugary juices and carbonated beverages.
l  Limit consumption of alcoholic beverages.
l  Control your portion sizes.
l  Exercise for 30-40 minutes five days a week.
l  Achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.
l  Stop smoking.

A healthy diet and daily exercise classes in Atlanta cannot prevent a person from ever developing cancer. But even modest changes have been shown to have a positive effect on fighting cancer, both during its initial development in the body and during treatment. It is possible that by making only dietary and lifestyle changes, 20% of the American population currently expected to receive a cancer diagnosis could instead live their entire lives without ever being diagnosed with cancer. 

At in Atlanta (A Buckhead Fitness Kickboxing Gym) we make it our goal to provide a workout and atmosphere that motivates Atlanta residents to lead healthier lifestyles.  We hope to get as much of Atlanta into great health as we can!

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What To Eat Before You Work Out - i Love Kickboxing Atlanta

When do you work out? Is it first thing in the morning, during your lunch break, or maybe after work? Like most people, your work out time is dictated by everything else on your schedule.  Between work, school, kids’ activities, and family dinners, at some point during the day you carve out time to exercise. Go you!

But are you thinking about the food you’re choosing to fuel your workouts? How many times have you had a workout interrupted by a sudden lack of energy, dizziness, side cramps, or that dead weight in your stomach from a large meal? Both the food you eat and when you choose to eat it have an impact on your ability to complete your workout. Eating too much too close to your workout can leave you feeling sluggish or cause digestive issues, while eating too little can make you feel lightheaded. Either way, you body doesn’t have the energy it needs to power through your workout.
So when should you eat? Well, it depends on when you work out. Ideally, you should eat a nutritionally balanced meal 1-2 hours before you exercise. This meal should contain no more than 50% of the calories you expect to burn during your workout. If your workout normally burns 500 calories, then you should aim to eat 250 calories. 50-60% of these calories should come from carbohydrates, 25-35% from protein and 15% from fat. Carbohydrates, such as fruits, vegetables, bread, cereal, and pasta, help keep your blood sugar levels stable and provide energy for your workout. Protein from meats, cheese, eggs, dairy and soy help build and maintain muscle. Some good meal choices include:
·         Low-fat yogurt with a piece of fruit
·         Raw vegetables and hummus
·         Cottage cheese and fruit
·         Half a chicken, turkey or lean roast beef sandwich on whole-wheat bread
·         Low-fat string cheese with whole grain crackers
·         Hard boiled eggs
·         Trail mix containing nuts and dried fruit

For a morning work out in Atlanta, plan on waking up early enough to eat breakfast. Don’t rely on the previous night’s dinner to provide the energy for your workout. Most of that energy was used up while you slept, leaving you with low blood sugar. Exercising with low blood sugar can cause you to feel slow and unsteady. If you can’t bring yourself to wake up more than an hour before you exercise, have a lighter breakfast. And if the thought of eating anything in the morning causes you distress, try having a sports drink. They generally contain sufficient carbohydrates to raise your blood sugar and fuel your workout. Otherwise, some good breakfast choices include:
·         Whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk and a piece of fruit
·         Fruit and yogurt smoothie
·         Small whole-grain bagel with peanut butter
·         Oatmeal

If you haven’t eaten in awhile, or you only have 30 minutes before a scheduled workout, choose a small snack of easily digestible, simple carbohydrates containing 100-200 calories. Simple carbohydrates will cause fewer digestive issues during your workout than complex carbohydrates since they take less time to digest. Some good snack choices include:
·         Banana
·         Fruit juice or smoothie
·         Sports drinks
·         Raisins
·         Crackers or pretzels (not whole-grain)
·         Applesauce

It is important to think about the food you eat before you exercise. A combination of carbohydrates, some protein and a little fat will provide you with the energy you need to power through your workout. But even the best food choices can derail your workout if not given enough time to digest. The key is to find the foods and timing that work best for your body, and be consistent. If you are concerned about your pre-workout diet, schedule an appointment to speak with your doctor or a registered dietitian.  There are tons of qualified people in Atlanta who would love to see a healthier and more fit Atlanta!! Atlanta GA 

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Atlanta Kickboxing Classes - Fitness Kickboxing

Kickboxing has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me that has had a multitude of benefits. I have lost fifteen pounds as well as acquiring muscle tone I haven’t had since high school. Getting in shape has never been so easy for me, especially since having my son. I absolutely love getting to tell others how I did it. 

I began my foray into kickboxing about six months ago when I became bored with running and found I had no motivation to work out at home. I found while searching for alternatives and was immediately intrigued. The Atlanta Kickboxing location was nearby and I couldn’t resist the deal that includes free boxing gloves. At least I would look hardcore by having the gloves in my car if I didn’t love the class, so it really was a win/win situation in my mind. 

I am pleased to report that my first class was such a great time! The instructors were very supportive and helpful right from start, teaching technique and encouraging everyone to push themselves a little harder. Everyone was pleasant and welcoming, which is a big deal to someone like me who has never been a big fan of working out around strangers. I felt immediately comfortable and had a blast.
Classes have gotten better and better over time, too. My fellow kick boxers are great for motivation in not only workouts, but also for improving health in general. I love seeing the updates from everyone on Facebook daily, as it keeps me encouraged to eat better and work harder on my fitness goals. I also enjoying trading tips before and after class about staying loose, as I give my muscles a good push every time! 

Now I look hardcore not just for having the gloves, but because of my lean and sexy body. Kickboxing is an exercise program that has given me rapid results that are apparent to all of my family and friends. I maintain two to three classes a week, which is made incredibly easy by the multiple classes, even with my busy schedule as a single mother. My strength and energy levels have increased vastly since starting and I love the way I feel after every class. 

Kickboxing is by far the most challenging and rewarding workout experience I have ever had. Every class brings a new opportunity for me to reach a physical goal I was unaware I had before entering the building. I leave sweaty and proud of myself every time and look forward to continuing my training at the Cumming location. I can assure anyone contemplating kickboxing that you never know what you can accomplish when you reach out and try something new. Hope to see you in the next class! Atlanta GA

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