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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Super Awesome Kickboxing Membership Special!

All Current and New Members of Georgia Locations Will Benefit!

Who: All Georgia Choe’s HapKiDo & I Love Kickboxing
When: Nov. 28-Dec.1
Where: Online Web Special
What: Black Friday Kickboxing & Martial Arts Membership Special

Stay tuned to find out about our fantastic web special for all Georgia locations of I Love Kickboxing. It will be one of your best investments out of everything in your Black Friday basket! This special is opened to everyone – current and new members too! It will help get you into the groove of getting in shape, OR reward you for all the hard work from previous classes!!

SO. Keep your eyes and ears on alert, for this Kickboxing special could be a fantastic gift for the upcoming winter holidays!

This web offer is available to the following locations:
Buckhead, Grayson, Cumming, Duluth, Loganville, and Flowery Branch

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Best Kickboxing Class Out There! - I Love Kickboxing Buckhead

Fitness kickboxing aims for the same goals as all the other exercise opportunities: maintaining a healthy weight, decreasing health risks, and contributing to the enjoyment of a healthy lifestyle. Also similar to other sports is the community formed amongst kickboxers. Once someone joins a studio, suddenly a support group exists. As all kickboxers and fitness gurus can relate, everyone is trying to reach some goal – from weight loss, to toning muscle, and to staying motivated.

Like all sports, fitness kickboxing used for body sculpting purposes has its own flare when combining aerobic, anaerobic, and strength work outs. This dynamic trio of goods results in a flawless fitness formula.

How It Works
For seven days a week, I Love Kickboxing Buckhead guides multiple groups through a variety of workouts within one class. We know from experience that kickboxing can be a love-hate relationship. It is a workout where someone is itching to stop midway of a set of bicycle crunches but somehow finds the energy to force self to push through, knowing it will be worth it. When results show after a couple of weeks of hard work, the mind is convinced to keep going.

While engaging in cardio and toning work outs may not be so new to individuals, learning the fundamentals of kicking and punching are new. Kickboxers learn that it is not a job well done if only relying on the one fist or the one foot to deliver a blow. They learn that the entire body has to be behind every blow and jab. With constant training and understanding on how to throw a jab or a punch, two amazing effects: 1) the mind engages with the body on what to do, and 2) the body’s performance gradually becomes stronger. These effects come from the time spent in kickboxing classes, as they build a person’s confidence.

The Beauty of Fitness Kickboxing
Fitness kickboxing brings out the power people did not know they had. When the mind sees the body’s capabilities, it changes the attitude of the actual body performing. As the kickboxer watches the punching bag almost tip over with a hard front kick, and realize that it was because of good technique, she/he wants to do it again and again. Soon, the individual’s stamina is able to do a minute’s worth of multiple hard front kicks in a row.  

What to Look Forward to
Through the practice of persevering and the art of striking a body-sized punching bag, kickboxing shows evidential progression. At the start of every week, people in our Atlanta studio come in and feel different. They approach our floor with a new kind of determination compared to the previous week. A boost of power is added to their strides. And with every day that kickboxing is attempted, the body and mind become more aware of their capabilities.

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Written by: Christie McGowan

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Release the Stress with Buckhead Kickboxing!

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While stress can push a person to do well under situations, continuous pressure without relief results in negative consequences. Aside from the potential health problems caused by stress, as discussed on WebMD, it also harms the mind. It causes people to be hostile, have irregular food patterns, and increase anxiety and depression. This attention seeker also lets people dwell and skip out on everything good. With a little bit of exercise squeezed into the day, like in a kickboxing studio at I Love Kickboxing Buckhead, people’s day will be brighter.

I Love Kickboxing Buckhead = An infinity of benefits!

  • Great for the built-up anger, depression, and anxiety in response to stress.
  • Makes people take a break from life and concentrate on something else.
  • Produces positive energy.
  • Awesome connections with encouraging kickboxing instructors.
  • Results that reel in confidence.
  • Boosts self-esteem.
  • New Friends.
  • Positive changes for life!

Although people react to stress differently from one another, they receive similar benefits from exercise. And with a motivating work out like kickboxing at I Love Kickboxing Buckhead, people change incredibly.

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Written by: Christie McGowan

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Learn to Push Through Hard Times with Buckhead Kickboxing!

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Developing the ability to persevere is a work out on its own. And without a good teacher or guide, learning how to push through difficulties is harder. Because people tend to sell themselves short, it usually takes someone on the outside to see another person’s potential. That is why fitness coaches are an effective way to get in shape.

At I Love Kickboxing Buckhead, our instructors make it part of their careers to motivate people to new fitness levels. We understand that the pain resulted from kickboxing can make life difficult, but it is only temporary. After the pain leaves, the body shines the results of good, hard exercise. 

All of our teaching and pushing at I Love Kickboxing Buckhead are really to influence people to persevere. If we can show people the positive outcomes of pushing through hard work, then we will be able to influence a change in the mind. Soon, people are able to persuade themselves to persevere through exercise. 

We love watching people transform into confident, persevering individuals. Especially when they realize they can take control over their lives! If anything, we love watching people become happier about themselves. Through the I Love Kickboxing Buckhead program, people learn to see the best of themselves.

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Writing Contributor: Christie McGowan

Thursday, August 28, 2014

10 Reasons Why People Love iLoveKickboxing Atlanta!

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At I Love Kickboxing Atlanta, the kickboxers keep roaring in.

…Here’s why.

You know an exercise is good when…

  1. It motivates to change diet
  2. Excuses aren’t made to stop
  3. People push for more
  4. Fun is added
  5. Music becomes a bonus
  6. More people join.
  7. Results are endless
  8. Stress is relieved
  9. Weight is lost
  10. Happiness is found

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Writing Contributor: Christie McGowan

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What and When You Should Eat When Working Out

Do you ever wonder what you should eat before going to exercise or when to eat before going? Many people make the same mistakes. It's a common mistake to eat right before going to exercise or they might not eat enough. So I am hear to help you to make better choices of what to eat and when you should eat.

When should you eat? A common question that our members have when coming to a lunch or evening class. If you want to eat before class you will want to eat at least an hour before. This way it gives your body time to digest. Also, you don't want to eat anything to heavy or greasy even if it is an hour before class. Once you start moving around you'll start to feel it and greasy heavy foods don't give you the energy that you need to make it through your workout. You can eat after your workout if you would prefer. It's actually really good to eat after your workout because you are still burning tons of calories an hour after you exercise.

What should you eat? Like I said before you shouldn't eat any real heavy or greasy. A big salad with grilled chicken with a light dressing is perfect to eat at least an hour before your workout. If you want a little snack before or after your workout, a banana is a great food to eat. It's not too filling. They're especially good for after exercising because they can prevent muscle cramps. You also want to make sure you drink plenty of water before and after your workout. You want to avoid dehydration and it helps you keep your energy up to make it through the kickboxing class.

Once you put all these things together you will feel amazing throughout the kickboxing workout and find yourself not feeling so tired. It will help you even outside of just your daily workout, you will feel better in your every day life.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Benefits of Exercise

Exercise does more for you than help you maintain a healthy living. It helps you mentally; you keep the stress out of your life. Keeping stress out of your life and looking good obviously then brings happiness. This is why Atlanta is perfect to get these benefits. You get to take your stress out on the bag and have fun while doing it. Another benefit to working out is you get great skin. Losing weight and toning is going to help your skin look tighter and more glowing. When you exercise your body produces natural oils which help skin look healthy and glowing. Atlanta’s classes offer just that. It’s the perfect way to burn fat and tone muscles.

                Exercise reduces the risk of anxiety and depression. We at Atlanta pride ourselves on having an awesome atmosphere and high energy instructors to keep you going. Exercise also offers a way of relaxing, it gives you time to clear your mind and not think about any concerns that are going on in your life. This helps you to be more positive in all aspects of your life. Exercise is a powerful thing and you should take advantage of it. Your body will appreciate you as well. It will help your body to be lean and sexy, stress free, reduce risk of health problems and a healthy mindset. Come take advantage of these benefits at ILoveKickboxing Atlanta.

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