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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Best Kickboxing Class Out There! - I Love Kickboxing Buckhead

Fitness kickboxing aims for the same goals as all the other exercise opportunities: maintaining a healthy weight, decreasing health risks, and contributing to the enjoyment of a healthy lifestyle. Also similar to other sports is the community formed amongst kickboxers. Once someone joins a studio, suddenly a support group exists. As all kickboxers and fitness gurus can relate, everyone is trying to reach some goal – from weight loss, to toning muscle, and to staying motivated.

Like all sports, fitness kickboxing used for body sculpting purposes has its own flare when combining aerobic, anaerobic, and strength work outs. This dynamic trio of goods results in a flawless fitness formula.

How It Works
For seven days a week, I Love Kickboxing Buckhead guides multiple groups through a variety of workouts within one class. We know from experience that kickboxing can be a love-hate relationship. It is a workout where someone is itching to stop midway of a set of bicycle crunches but somehow finds the energy to force self to push through, knowing it will be worth it. When results show after a couple of weeks of hard work, the mind is convinced to keep going.

While engaging in cardio and toning work outs may not be so new to individuals, learning the fundamentals of kicking and punching are new. Kickboxers learn that it is not a job well done if only relying on the one fist or the one foot to deliver a blow. They learn that the entire body has to be behind every blow and jab. With constant training and understanding on how to throw a jab or a punch, two amazing effects: 1) the mind engages with the body on what to do, and 2) the body’s performance gradually becomes stronger. These effects come from the time spent in kickboxing classes, as they build a person’s confidence.

The Beauty of Fitness Kickboxing
Fitness kickboxing brings out the power people did not know they had. When the mind sees the body’s capabilities, it changes the attitude of the actual body performing. As the kickboxer watches the punching bag almost tip over with a hard front kick, and realize that it was because of good technique, she/he wants to do it again and again. Soon, the individual’s stamina is able to do a minute’s worth of multiple hard front kicks in a row.  

What to Look Forward to
Through the practice of persevering and the art of striking a body-sized punching bag, kickboxing shows evidential progression. At the start of every week, people in our Atlanta studio come in and feel different. They approach our floor with a new kind of determination compared to the previous week. A boost of power is added to their strides. And with every day that kickboxing is attempted, the body and mind become more aware of their capabilities.

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Written by: Christie McGowan

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