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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Have FUN with your workout at i Love Kickboxing Atlanta GA

Kickboxing Atlanta Ga

Is your work out program FUN?! 

We have so many people come to us to start a workout program, and the most common thing we hear about why all the different things they have tried in the past did not work for them is that they got bored!  I cannot tell you how many people tell me that the biggest reason they do not see results is that they dread working out, get bored with their program and then end up quitting.  It really is a shame, but totally understandable, I know for me personally if I am not having fun with my workout I have a hard time staying motivated.  That is why I love Kickboxing Atlanta GA!!  Every class is like a mini-party. We laugh, we sweat, we burn TONS of calories, and most importantly we have fun!  I think that is really the secret ingredient of the success for --> FUN!  

Kickboxing Classes Atlanta GA
From the very first class every member is welcomed to the family by our amazing instructors as well as the members in class.  Everyone is so welcoming and friendly!  It is an instant support group of people all on the same journey as you trying to get in better shape and become the best version of ourselves.  Each member of the #FitFam is here to help each other out along their fitness journey.  You work out for an hour a couple times a week, but the friendships you develop and the support you get from the instructors and members will help you continue to work on your goals every second of every day!

But anyways, how about the fun?!  Our workouts are some of the most fun you can have while burning hundreds of calories at the same time!  The instructors make it their personal mission to make sure that each member in class leaves with a smile on their face.  Kickboxing Atlanta Ga is a tough workout, don't get me wrong, but just because we are literally working our asses off doesn't mean we cannot have fun at the same time!

Aside from all the fun you will have in our regular class, we also do monthly events to make sure everyone is getting the most our program.  We have events like themed DJ nights, Member Appreciation Nights, and Outings where we get to know each other better and develop the friendships that help us grow into a family.

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I Love Kickboxing Atlanta GA
2770 Lenox Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30324


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