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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fitness Kickboxing and Thanksgiving - a testament from a i Love Kickboxing Atlatna Member

This being the month of Thanksgiving leads me to believe I must address gratitude. One of the most driving forces in maintaining my fitness level and weight loss is a positive attitude, which is kept alive by being grateful. Kickboxing has given me much to be thankful for, other than the end of a class. ;) 

            I make it a habit to do mental gratitude lists on a regular basis, but I thought it would be fun to outline some of my favorite things Kickboxing Classes Atlanta has done for me. In no particular order, they are as follows:
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1.      I’m grateful for my newfound energy I’ve acquired. I amaze myself day after day in how much I can get accomplished without feeling like falling down.
2.      I’m grateful for the strength I have now, both mentally and physically. Mind over matter has become a mantra for me and I love how my toned muscles can carry my forty pound son to bed with no issue whatsoever.
3.      I’m grateful that all of my weight loss means I’ll be getting smaller pants from Santa this year.
4.      I’m overly grateful that my improved health has resulted in a stronger immune system. Cold and flu season can kiss my gloves.
5.      I’m grateful that portion control is already on my mind for the upcoming holiday meals. Small portions mean I get to try a little bit of everything so I know what I’ll be aiming for when it’s time for leftovers.
6.      I’m grateful my random food cravings have all but diminished and on the rare occasions I do give in, I can simply work them out later on the bag.
7.      I’m grateful for the double takes I get and the knowledge that I could handle anyone who might try to do more than look.
8.      I’m grateful that I am more willing to accept and conquer challenges in my life. Whether it’s a new combination on the bag or a promotion and addition of responsibilities at work, I feel more ready to meet it head on.
9.      I’m grateful for my improved hand eye coordination. Kickboxing has helped me to stop tripping over my own feet, which is awesome considering I fall dramatically.
10.  I’m grateful I can be a positive influence on those around me just by showing my dedication in my workouts and healthy eating habits. I love discussing with and encouraging my friends and family to make better health choices, because they see the change and want to know what I’m doing to obtain such great results.

I could go on for days about all of the wonderful benefits I have seen through kickboxing, but then I might miss out on getting to show off my new physique in front of my extended family, and that would be a shame. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy eating everything you plan on burning off in class next week. I’ll see you there!

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