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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Atlanta Kickboxing Classes - Fitness Kickboxing

Kickboxing has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me that has had a multitude of benefits. I have lost fifteen pounds as well as acquiring muscle tone I haven’t had since high school. Getting in shape has never been so easy for me, especially since having my son. I absolutely love getting to tell others how I did it. 

I began my foray into kickboxing about six months ago when I became bored with running and found I had no motivation to work out at home. I found while searching for alternatives and was immediately intrigued. The Atlanta Kickboxing location was nearby and I couldn’t resist the deal that includes free boxing gloves. At least I would look hardcore by having the gloves in my car if I didn’t love the class, so it really was a win/win situation in my mind. 

I am pleased to report that my first class was such a great time! The instructors were very supportive and helpful right from start, teaching technique and encouraging everyone to push themselves a little harder. Everyone was pleasant and welcoming, which is a big deal to someone like me who has never been a big fan of working out around strangers. I felt immediately comfortable and had a blast.
Classes have gotten better and better over time, too. My fellow kick boxers are great for motivation in not only workouts, but also for improving health in general. I love seeing the updates from everyone on Facebook daily, as it keeps me encouraged to eat better and work harder on my fitness goals. I also enjoying trading tips before and after class about staying loose, as I give my muscles a good push every time! 

Now I look hardcore not just for having the gloves, but because of my lean and sexy body. Kickboxing is an exercise program that has given me rapid results that are apparent to all of my family and friends. I maintain two to three classes a week, which is made incredibly easy by the multiple classes, even with my busy schedule as a single mother. My strength and energy levels have increased vastly since starting and I love the way I feel after every class. 

Kickboxing is by far the most challenging and rewarding workout experience I have ever had. Every class brings a new opportunity for me to reach a physical goal I was unaware I had before entering the building. I leave sweaty and proud of myself every time and look forward to continuing my training at the Cumming location. I can assure anyone contemplating kickboxing that you never know what you can accomplish when you reach out and try something new. Hope to see you in the next class! Atlanta GA

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