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Monday, January 13, 2014

Setting your Goals!

What Does Setting Goals Mean to You

                Why do you think goals are important, to get results you want? Goals set standards and keep you motivated.  You can set goals for anything that matters to you, such as losing some pounds, eating more veggies, or even changing your lifestyle completely.  Setting goals gives you the motivation to keep you going!

                Motivation plays a huge part in setting your goals and achieving them.  Motivation can be found anywhere, keep track of how much you’re losing or try on your bikini every once in a while to show how much you have improved yourself and/or how much more you want to improve. Go ahead and write down all of your goals and put them somewhere you’ll have to look at them every day. Think about how much better you feel. You could even find motivational quotes or picture and hang it on your wall so you can look at it every day to remind you how important this is to you.

                An awesome quote I like to go by is “My body does not define me, I define my body.”

                                                                                -Author unknown

                One of my personal goals is to DRINK MORE WATER!!! Sometimes I find my day to day responsibilities consume me so much that I forget my daily intake. I need to be more conscious of this, so I’m going to try something different.  I’m going to get a cool new water bottle for at home and work, then add fresh fruit for some delicious flavor.  This is a tasty way to get the recommended 3-4 liters of H2O a day.  Another goal of mine is to eat more fruits and veggies!  I bring snacks with me wherever I go, such as carrots, apples, and bananas.  I also try to have one to two servings of fruits and veggies with lunch and dinner.  Drinking more water and eating more vegetables throughout the day will also help you to not over eat; an adequate water intake helps to curb your appetite.

                Start setting your goals (enter New Year’s resolutions here), and think about WHY these goals are important to you.  What is your motivation for keeping your goals?  Why are your goals IMPORTANT to you?  You’ll start to find more significance in the goals you set. Mine are very important to me because I know they’re going to keep me healthy and feeling better about the way I look in a bikini!!
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