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Monday, April 14, 2014

Boosting your Metabolism

               Who doesn’t want to boost their metabolism? Well before I get started, I want you to know the definition of metabolism. This will help make more sense of all the things I talk about and how it will help you. Metabolism is the process by which the body breaks down food to produce energy.

                Well I want to start off with the most important things to do, which are WORKING OUT (of course!) and EATING A HEALTHY and NUTRITIOUS BREAKFAST. Working out is going to help get your heart rate going and get your energy up, which gets your metabolism going. I like to start my day with a short simple 10 minute workout to get the mind and body going. Specifically a high intensity workout is great (such as KICKBOXING) because it makes your body work harder. Weight training is important too especially once you get older as it helps build the muscle which also gets metabolism going.
                Now for the importance of breakfast, you should NEVER skip breakfast. It is the MOST important meal of the day. This is because it gets your body up and going for your day. And it should be your biggest meal of the day because you have the whole day to burn off all those calories. For example you could have lots of fruit, make a fruit smoothie and some Greek yogurt. You could also have whole grain cereal with soy milk if you’re in a hurry.                 

               Drinking a big glass of ice cold water is an important way to start your day. You want to consistently drink water throughout the day, once again great for that metabolism. It also keeps you from mistaking your thirst for hunger. This now brings me to eating habits; you should graze all day long (2 healthy snacks a day such as fruits, vegetables, or nuts). This helps your body have a consistency of burning calories all day long helping the metabolism. You definitely do not want to starve yourself because then your body will start to store the food and cause weight gain. A good habit to form is you should have a cut off time at night that you cannot eat anything else; 8pm is a good time. This is because if you’re eating too late at night then your body doesn’t have the time it needs to break down the food and burn the calories.  
                You should always have protein in your diet. It’s great to have because your body digests protein slower than it does carbs or fat, this makes you feel full for longer (very important, helps to not over eat). By eating protein your body burns twice as many calories by digesting protein than it does fat and carbs. Adding spicy foods to your diet is great form boosting metabolism; it helps you drink more water during your meal as well. Last but not least, eliminate Trans-fats from your diet! They slow down your metabolism which cause weight gain (not good).

                I hope after reading this you took from it that working out and what you put into your body are crucial to having a healthy lifestyle and having a good metabolism. The better food and liquids you put in your body, the better it will feel.  And the more energy you put into working out, the better your body will look and feel.

Lyndsay Smolarsky
Fitness Kickboxing Instructor

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