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Thursday, July 2, 2015

3 Of The Most Overrated “Health Foods”

There are a lot of popular health trends out there today. Between health food restaurant chains opening up everywhere you look and the hundreds of detoxes, how could you be sure which ones are actually effective?

Well, we can’t tell you that, but we can tell you which foods are getting more credit for being “health foods” than they deserve. Here’s our top three most overrated “health foods” that should be consumed in moderation…


Green Smoothies

This claim will undoubtedly be disputed, however, that won’t stop us from including green smoothies on this list…

Green smoothies can be a great way to kick off your diet. Unfortunately, drinking these “healthy” smoothies will often result in some not-so-healthy side effects.

Most people are unaware that drinking these green green-smoothiesmoothies can bring up your blood pressure higher than a candy bar can. Anything you add to your smoothie, particularly those with fairly high glycemic levels, like bananas, raw sugar, honey and agave can lead to some problems. Consuming these types of sweeteners can lead to gut dysbiosis, insulin resistance and the production of more AGEs, likely to pave the way to some serious health concerns.

Obviously a green smoothie offers more health benefits than say a chocolate shake from Carvel. However, It almost defeats the purpose of trying to be healthy in the first place if you begin adding the sugary products to your blend. Try focusing on adding fruits with lower glycemic levels, more protein, greens and a few healthy fats.


Buttered (Bulletproof) Coffee

Buttered coffee is a popular new trend in the health food industry at the moment.
Considering your mixing butter and MCT oil, the “fat burning” effects this recipe claims to have are indeed not fat burning at all. It may even have fat gaining effects.

bulletproof-butter-coffee-604x270So hear us out. Butter intake should be moderated considering its adverse effects on your blood lipid profile. It does this by increasing apolipoprotein B levels, which can contribute to the risk of cardiovascular disease. MCT oil also may be harmful. It has the ability to spike triglycerides as well as blood glucose levels.

A good alternative to the butter would be cream. It contains more MFGM content that will have a better effect on your blood lipid profile than butter ever would. Hence, We suggest sticking to cream if you’re going to spike your coffee. This buttered coffee trend may very well just be a ploy from marketers looking for opportunity.


Brown Rice

What’s so much healthier about brown rice as opposed to white rice?

Just because whole grain pasta looks brown doesn’t make it any healthier. The same could be said for brown eggs and white eggs.

The only justification someone can White-and-brown-ricehave for choosing brown rice over its white counterpart, is that brown rice has a glycemic index of 50 while white rice is pegged at 58. Not a big difference. Not only is it not by a wide margin, the glycemic intake is compromised due to other components like fiber. So unless you plan on eating only brown rice for dinner, it wouldn’t make a difference.

It’s also known that brown rice has less nutrients than other sources of carbs. That doesn’t sound like an ideal health food if you ask us.



Are there any “health foods” you like to stay away from? Comment below and tell us which ones! 

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