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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

You’ve Been Working Out for All the Wrong Reasons

According to Dr. Michelle Segar, a psychologist who directs the Sport, Health and Activity Research and Policy Center at the University of Michigan, it can be significantly easier to continue working out if you’ve got the right motives.

Dr. Segar specializes in helping people adopt and maintain regular exercise habits and is the author of “No Sweat: How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness.” In this book she describes, in depth, just how effective it ca  n be to look at exercise in another light.

Sure, you won’t get workkkyour six pack abs immediately and no, you probably won’t be able to participate in a triathlon the next day, but working out has its immediate benefits as well as its long term ones.

The research provided in Dr. Segar’s book proves that exercising to promote better physical health, in general, won’t get the majority of people to both start and stick with it. Being employed full-time will leave you busy as is, so the promise of better health, a toned body and weight loss unfortunately isn’t enough to get people to stay the path.

Some of the studies outlined in ““No Sweat: How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness” have concluded that people who work out to achieve weight loss and better health actually manage to exercise the least. Go figure.
What Dr. Segar suggests you do is take a different approach – reframe your motives behind working out.

Instead of focusing on the long term effects of working out, take notice of all the immediate benefits you’ll experience post-workout. You feel more energized, less stressed and you’ll also feel a sense of accomplishment which will ultimately leave you in a, generally, better mood.

It will better suit someone to think of exercise as a way to rejuvenate one’s self. The endorphins that are produced give you the feeling that you’ve been revitalized with all sorts of positive energy. You’ll begin to notice that instead of feeling like a gym-18punishment, exercise is beginning to become more pleasurable to you.

When we do not focus our energy towards bettering ourselves, we do not reserve energy to perform our daily tasks. Instead, we’ll focus our energy on catering to others. Whether it be your boss, a client or even a family member, you’ll ultimately leave yourself feeling drained and exhausted and you’ll have an increasingly difficult time trying to motivate yourself to get your daily dose of exercise in at that point.

Plenty of people have expressed the common misconception that if they exert their energy in the gym, on a run, or during their ILKB class, that they won’t have the energy to carry on with their day. You’re not going to want to lay down and rest, you won’t be easily distracted and you won’t feel groggy. In fact, you’ll feel energized, attentive and you will have obtained a sense of clarity. Exercise has these immediate effects and these are what’s worth working for. It provides you with the energy to do other things, not the opposite.

Also, Dr. Segar suggests that people take the “everything counts” approach when it concerns physical activity. Walk to the deli down the street during your lunch, take the stairs instead of an elevator, walk your dog, go swimming, play basketball, soccer, go dancing… anything! It adds up, believe it or not.

Consistency takes happy-woman-after-runprecedent over quantity. It’s not about how much time you put in, how much weight you’re putting up, how far you’re running or how many times you can kick in a minute – it’s about showing up and trying. Listen to your body, if you’re tired, don’t push yourself. Any physical activity is better than none.

Focus on making yourself the best version of you each day. Exercise can provide you the energy that no coffee ever could.


Tell us, do you find that exercise is the best way to kick-start your day? Comment below!

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